Cloud-Based EDI Solutions for Just-In-Time (JIT) Automotive Manufacturers

Comply with MMOG/LE EDI standards and improve operational efficiency.


Automotive EDI Software for Supply Chain Management

DiCentral’s powerful cloud-based automotive EDI and release management solution enables hundreds of trading partners to meet the release management and shipping requirements of OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 automotive manufacturing.

The cloud-based automotive EDI solution includes EDI communication, translation, scheduling/ forecasting, bar code label printing and scanning to meet the specific requirements of each automotive trading partner.

DiCentral’s EDI automotive solution enables you to seamlessly transact with vendors and suppliers and comply with MMOG guidelines. DiCentral’s EDI solutions are uniquely adaptable to the needs of the automotive supply chain, allowing for real-time communication and tracking through each stage of assembly.


DiCentral’s automotive EDI solution is the culmination of 25 years of automotive EDI experience with global capabilities that span geographically throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. With DiCentral’s EDI solutions, trading partners can collaborate effortlessly with the automatic exchange of all logic and document types. DiCentral’s cloud-based software is the complete integrated solution for supply chain management.


  • Honda and GM certified
  • Compliant with the EDI requirements of Ford, Subaru, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volvo and Caterpillar


  • Supports all automotive EDI transaction sets, including: X12 EDI and EDIFACT
  • Supports all automotive industry communication protocols, including: AS2, AS3, ebXML, FTP/FTPs, SSH FTP, HTTP/HTTPs, MLLP, OFTP/OFTP2, RNIF, SMTP/SMTPs, and Web services
  • Line-side bar code labeling


DiCentral's automotive solution, Base2, enables Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain automation and can deliver an automatic inbound and outbound interface to your ERP/MRP systems, resulting in more efficient and accurate EDI management. With EDI automotive software you greatly mitigate the risk of shipping penalties and greatly reduce the chance of costly expedited orders.

  • Achieve greater return on your ERP/MRP investment
  • Reduce error-prone data entry that can reduce margins and jeopardize customer relationships


  • Browse planning documents and print, email or export long-range forecasting reports
  • Send long-term forecasting data to a spreadsheet for analysis


  • Automatically extracts firm orders from incoming documents and adds them to data files
  • Allows viewing, changing or adding firm orders
  • Fills in default shipment (Advance Ship Notice/ASN or Despatch Advice/DESADV) information automatically
  • Automatically assigns firm orders to shipments, based on ship-to location, ship date and time
  • Allows you to manually assign and remove firm orders from a shipment
  • Tracks and displays shipment status with late shipments highlighted


  • Label parts directly off the manufacturing line
  • Label based on individual trading partner requirements
  • Load your serials onto your staged ASNs as the truck is loaded
  • Batch scanning of bar code labels for accurate ASN

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Real-time Customizable Dashboard with Mobile Alerts

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  • Get real-time notification alerts sent instantly to your tablet or smartphone
  • Filter real-time information based on specific roles and preferences
  • Filter by the trading partners you want to track and the data you want to see

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DiCentral has alleviated our stress and worry around EDI. Without partners like DiCentral to help us facilitate these technologies and deploy the integration, we wouldn’t be where we are today, quite honestly.

– Matt Lok, IT Manager
Marklyn Group

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