Case Study: Oracle E-Business Suite Integration provided with
DiCentral's B2B integration solution

The Challenge:

Murad, Inc. is a leader and innovator in the clinical skincare arena, currently trading with eight business partners using DiCentral's SaaS EDI platform. These partnerships include Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenney, Ulta, Dillard's and the Military. To successfully address the complex needs of their growing business, Murad needed to improve efficiencies with data entry and order fulfillment in a timely manner. To meet these goals, an easy-to-use EDI integration solution was needed. Additionally, it was necessary that the solution integrate with Murad's ERP software, Oracle E-Business Suite.

The Solution:

DiCentral's B2B data integration solution, DiFlatfile, enables Murad to connect and communicate the company's expanding number of trading partners without the typical ongoing maintenance of hardware or software. DiCentral enables Murad to meet the unique EDI requirements of each trading partner by analyzing the trading partners' specific EDI guidelines and then working with the Oracle consultant to tailor Murad's data to fit the necessary formats. DiCentral translates the data, builds the maps, tests the system, and then gives Murad the visibility necessary to see all critical transactions. This enables the end user to concentrate on expanding their business while putting the majority of the daily tasks involved with EDI in the hands of the SaaS EDI provider.

Every company wants to achieve automation, without hiring an army of technicians and spending valuable time to accomplish. DiCentral helped Murad achieve its automation goals efficiently and accurately. When connecting Murad to a new trading partner, DiCentral sends a test file to the trading partner and once it's approved, DiCentral then maps Murad's file layout to that specific trading partner. Once mapping is completed, the map is tested for compliance until it passes certification. Murad's backend ERP system, Oracle E-Business Suite, is then connected to DiCentral via a FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which allows the company to exchange transaction data with DiCentral. Finally, Murad is given access to DiWeb, DiCentral's web-based EDI and transaction visibility tool, which gives Murad the ability to search for transactions, acts as a notification system, and more.

SaaS Data Visibility and Control provides Protect ion against EDI related Offsets (chargebacks): While some cloud solutions do not provide lasting visibility into the data exchanged between the trading partners and the supplier's ERP system, providers like DiCentral display to the user no less than 13 pieces of information about every transaction file that is sent through the system. Corporate business users, not just the EDI team, can access, in a controlled, role-based manner, this information to protect their business when retailers demand facts about exchanged files. When this happens, it usually means EDI related chargebacks are coming. DiCentral's DiWeb interface is a powerful ally in turning around a chargeback. If this works just once, it may mean the difference between keeping 100% of the revenue you are supposed to receive from the retailer rather than surrendering it to the retailer.

SaaS EDI Solution Lowers TCO while integrating with the Oracle EC Gateway:The Oracle EC Gateway is a part of the Oracle E-Business Suite. The provider of a quality SaaS EDI solution will deliver to each integrated customer a very unique value proposition: Lower Total Cost of Ownership due to a smaller technology footprint. Historically, Oracle users move to in-house EDI solutions as a way of integrating and automating electronic (EDI) transactions between them and their important trading partners. This means the purchase of software, databases, hardware, and peripheral equipment along with software and hardware maintenance contracts. In addition, staff must install, test, build, update, and maintain these tools. In the end the total cost of ownership can add up to more than anyone expected.

Murad uses Oracle EC Gateway to accomplish integration and automation directly with DiCentral's SaaS EDI solution. Oracle EC Gateway is also used to: set up trading partner profiles; specify standard protocols; provide location code conversion between trading partner location codes and codes used in Oracle applications; define interface data files so that application data can interface with EDI translators or cloud EDI solutions; extract application data, format, and write to data files (outbound transactions); and import data or converted codes into application open interface tables so that application program interfaces (API) can validate and update Oracle application tables (inbound transactions).

Testimonial:David Mosby, Senior Manager, Sales Systems & Operations for Murad, stated, "DiCentral's solution enables us to easily automate our EDI processing, which simplifies critical tasks. The web-based forms provide great visibility and easy access to the user community, and the automatic data integration to Oracle E-Business Suite greatly reduces chance of errors and saves valuable time that would have been spent entering the data manually."

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“Just in Time Apparel was able to re-purpose two employees who did manual entry with the old EDI systems into higher value activities for the company. This represented a 66% savings in our EDI program from a resource standpoint alone."

-Mike Reynolds

IT Director, Top Heavy Design



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