Oracle Integration and EDI Enablement Provided with DiCentral's Managed File Integration Solution

Company Profile:

The corporation represented in this study is a real company located in the United States. It is a publicly traded synthetic biology company that specializes in converting algal biomass into biofuels. The company not only creates biofuels for the transportation industry, but is developing ways to tailor its products for the cosmetic and food industries. In 2011 the company launched a line of luxury skin care products, and partnered with Sephora and QVC to bring the products to the market.

The Challenge:

With the launch of the skin care product line in 2011, the company needed to become EDI capable in order to supply retailers and meet trading partner demands. The company needed an EDI provider that could supply a solution that would integrate with their Oracle applications, and that would free them of the burden of managing an in-house EDI operation.

Wanted: EDI Capability, Visibility, Control

After introducing their line of skin care products, the company received distribution arrangements with Sephora and QVC to bring the skin care products to the market, making the products available at Sephora's retail locations throughout the US,, and In order to connect and trade with Sephora and QVC, though, the company needed to become EDI compliant. It was critical that the EDI provider chosen by the company provide a solution that could be rapidly implemented while being compatible with their Oracle applications.

The Solution:

Managed File Integration

DiCentral's Managed File Integration solution allows the company to meet the unique EDI requirements of each EDI trading partner. This is made possible through DiCentral's ability to translate data into the company's required format for each trading partner. DiCentral analyzes the EDI guidelines provided by the company's trading partners, and tailors their data format to fit with their Oracle E-Business Suite accordingly. In addition, DiCentral sends a test file, and when approved, maps the file layout using our proprietary technology. Once mapping is completed, DiCentral tests the map for compliance until it passes certification.

The DiWeb interface, which is deployed alongside the integration solution, allows maximum visibility of data. Because the inbound and outbound files exchanged with the ERP application are all reflected within the DiWeb interface, the company has 100% visibility into the status of their transactions. Nothing is more helpful than being able to prove to an EDI trading partner that your data was sent because you can see it and know that it is accurate.

Complete Oracle Integration

Because DiCentral is a certified Oracle partner, our solutions are 100% compatible with the company's Oracle applications, simplifying the implementation process and helping to leverage their Oracle investment by providing complete mapping, integration, visibility, control, and communication.

Under the cloud EDI integration model, DiCentral assumes responsibility for mapping data connections with the company's trading partners, alleviating them of the need to maintain a large, full-time staff devoted to managing the EDI connections. Also, since the connections are conducted via a web interface, the company doesn't need to maintain hardware dedicated specifically to EDI connectivity.


In addition to Managed File Integration, the company also leverages DiAnalyst. DiAnalyst provides automated, user-friendly sales activity reports when they need them. DiAnalyst is a hosted reporting solution which maintains a set of standard reports for product and inventory analysis. With DiAnalyst, DiCentral was able to quickly accommodate the company's reporting demands.

Additionally, there was no need for additional IT resources to assist in the setup, installation, and maintenance of weekly reporting. One member of the company's IT department provided the information needed for setup, and training was completed in less than an hour. There were no additional resources required, and the system is now continually maintained by DiCentral. It is user-friendly and provides automatic alerts to changes in the bulk data, and all reports are automatically available on a scheduled or on-demand basis.
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