Oracle Integration & EDI Enablement Provided with DiCentral's B2B Integration Solution

The Challenge

Sweda is a top supplier to promotional marketing distributors who service large retailers such as Staples, Walmart, and Costco. These retailers require their distributors to become EDI compliant, and in turn distributors require suppliers like Sweda to trade documents via EDI. The management team at Sweda realized that in order to continue supplying customers and meeting trading partner demands-while also scaling with new business-an easy-to-use EDI integration solution was needed. Additionally, it was necessary that the solution integrate with Oracle, Sweda's ERP software.

The Solution

DiCentral's B2B data integration solution, DiFlatfile, enables Sweda to connect and communicate with more of the company's important trading partners without the typical ongoing maintenance of hardware or software. DiCentral enables Sweda to meet the unique EDI requirements of each trading partner by analyzing the trading partner's specific EDI guidelines and then tailoring Sweda's data to fit the necessary formats. DiCentral translates the data, builds the maps, tests the system, and then gives Sweda the visibility necessary to see all critical transactions.

When connecting to a new trading partner, DiCentral sends a test file to the trading partner and once it's approved, DiCentral then maps Sweda's file layout to that specific trading partner. Once mapping is completed, the map is tested for compliance until it passes certification. Sweda's backend ERP system, Oracle, is then connected to DiCentral via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which allows the company to exchange transaction data with DiCentral. Finally, Sweda is given access to DiWeb, DiCentral's web-based EDI and transaction visibility tool, which gives Sweda the ability to search for transactions, acts as a notification system, and more.


Rich Santos, IT director for Sweda, stated, "DiCentral's integration solution allows us to satisfy orders from our customers and meet complex trading partner demands, while also integrating with Oracle. We can now easily scale with new customers and focus on critical business initiatives while knowing that our data is accurate."

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