Case Study: MindsInSync Manages Triple-Digit Growth with DiCentral's DiOMS

Company Profile:

Based in New York, New York, MindsInSync was founded in 2005 on the principle that smarter living is better living. In pursuit of this philosophy, the company has developed unique and innovative new products targeting the home lifestyle marketplace. Today, their Microdry and Aquatopia brands are top-sellers.

The company is led by an executive team with more than 20 years of experience bringing original consumer goods to the global retail arena, and is vertically integrated to assure that great ideas are designed and manufactured to become great products. True to their name, MindsInSync is a thoughtful collective focused on staying in tune with the market and their consumers.

The Challenge:

After introducing the Microdry and Aquatopia brands, MindsInSync's business began rapidly growing-launching the company from the national market to the international market. With substantially increased orders, the company needed to be able to properly scale with booming business.

Increased Business Complicates Order Management:

One of MindsInSync's biggest customers, a top North American retailer, increased their orders substantially. The retailer necessitates direct-to-store shipments via FedEx to each of their store locations. The process this created for MindsInSync was complicated, to say the least. With the hundreds of retailer store locations, advance ship notices (ASNs), purchase orders (POs), barcode labels, etc. grew from hundreds to thousands. In addition, order data had to be sent to MindsInSync's warehouse across the country, while also being imported into their QuickBooks accounting application and sent to their factor. With all of the added processes, MindsInSync needed a solution to handle the increased load.

The Solution:

Through the synchronization of multiple order types, inventory status, and ASNs, DiOMS helped to match customer demand to supply for accurate order management, allowing MindsInSync to successfully manage their triple-digit growth. DiOMS is a Cloud connected, locally installed solution providing companies with greater inventory control and enhanced order processing and execution, and features embedded EDI tools that automate the order management process.

Order Management Streamlined, Faster Payday:

The top retailer's supply chain process necessitates that its vendors include a FedEx tracking number and carton count with every EDI ASN and invoice as a measure of authentication; without this information, MindsInSync can't get paid. The challenge was magnified because MindsInSync's warehouse is on the other side of the country.  They needed a total solution that automated processes between multiple parties. The solution was DiOMS, DiCentral's order management software. DiOMS has multiple modules that make it simple for use by growing organizations needing order management or deeper functionality for inventory and warehouse management processes.

MindsInSync benefits because DiOMS is delivered pre-connected to DiCentral's Smart Cloud Network.  They are now able to route data through the Smart Cloud Network and achieve the same results as a team of consultants and multiple software packages. With DiOMS, it is all in one package from one company, with quick-start implementation.

“Before DiOMS, the order fulfillment process was far too time-consuming,” stated Paul Cuthbertson, MindsInSync's Chief Operating Officer, “and once the retailers created the direct-to-store shipping stipulation for vendors, it became nearly impossible. DiOMS, though, enables MindsInSync to successfully fulfill customer orders, while enabling us to grow with future business.”

Creating a repeatable process is what good businesses are built upon. When a software solution provides automation for time-consuming processes, true value is delivered. Processing direct-to-store ASN data from the California warehouse to synchronize with direct-to-store invoices inside DiOMS is now a simple exercise in automation thanks to DiCentral's combination of DiOMS and its Smart Cloud Network: 1) download the ASN; 2) synchronize; 3) send invoices. Just three simple steps.

"DiOMS automates the process for sending invoices to the retailer and simplifies sending invoices to the factor, reducing the days sales outstanding and allowing MindsInSync to get paid faster," stated Mr. Cuthbertson.

DiOMS manages quick invoice processing from multiple entities-no matter how many miles between-due to the built-in data synchronization and automation of the incoming data. DiOMS is pre-configured to connect to DiCentral's Smart Cloud Network, helping suppliers comply with the stringent business rules of both big box retailers and .com retailers.

QuickBooks Automation

In addition, DiOMS simplifies MindsInSync's business processes by allowing integration of order expenditures to their QuickBooks accounting system. Through DiCentral's certified QuickBooks adapters, suppliers can streamline the entire invoicing process, which includes factoring, data keying automation, and GAAP invoice automation. For MindsInSync, it now takes only one person to manage all incoming orders, keeping operating costs lower and manual processes to a minimum.

Inventory Management

Including the order management module that MindsInSync uses, DiCentral also provides an inventory management module. The DiOMS inventory management module provides suppliers end-to-end visibility in inventory throughout multiple sales channels. With the inventory management module, all levels of inventory are available, including items and quantities demanded, available, allocated, and sold. Inventory status can be updated after each order to prevent shortages and miscommunication. In addition, current and future net needs positions are provided through comprehensive order management. Detailed reports of inventory levels are also available for viewing and evaluation.

With DiOMS, complete order management leads to optimal customer fulfillment and greater opportunities in the global supply chain.

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