Case Study: Third Largest Premium Wine Distributor Wins “Most Improved Distributor” award From Target Buying group with DiAnalyst

The company represented in this case study is a real company located in the United States. They are the third largest and fastest growing premium wine distributor with offices located in the state of California. This company has a sales staff of approximately 140 sales reps distributed nationally. Their product lines are sold internationally in premium restaurants, mass merchants and grocery store retail chains. As a Global distributor of premium wines with the “fastest selling” SKU they were challenged by a requirement from a national retail chain, Target, to improve product performance or continue to lose additional sales opportunities.

The Challenge: More Business Was So Close, Yet Out Of Reach

How can a company have the number one selling product yet underperform in the retailier's eyes? For this premium wine distributor, this reality had impacted their business relationship until they discovered how they could obtain the retail sales data in a format that would work for them. Their challenge stemmed from multiple areas that restricted their ability to effectively act on the retailer and consumer demands. Specifically, the sales distribution representatives could not act on sales data because they could not manage the information in the retailer's report format. The premium wine distributor could not expand the relationship because there existed a lack of credibility, no access to user friendly data and they did not have the IT resources to create and maintain reports that would be able to sift through the bulk data.

No Access to User-Friendly Data:

The sales representative needed to analyze the weekly In Stock Percentage report from Target, but they could not easily find where they were out of stock. It was a time consuming process to look through the hard copy reports and figure out what actions needed to be taken. “The reports were cumbersome and did not allow us to sort the data to help us improve”, stated a top executive for the premium wine company.

Lacking Credibility:

The retail buyer had become aggravated with the poor results from Key Performance Indicators revealing that products were not consistently available for consumer purchase. Even though the buyer sent reports regularly, this supplier did not improve. If the supplier did not progress there would be no additional opportunity provided for promotions, ads, or other programs that would expand their product sales.

The buyer lamented that there was strong evidence that there was definite consumer demand for the premium wine product lines. However, the sales reps could not readily identify where to focus. They could not work with the retailer information that could help them execute effectively. The sales reps developed a common opinion that if the product sales were doing well, then what they didn't know could not hurt them. “We were missing out on additional opportunities with the retailer,” the executive stated. “We needed to get it right in the regional program before we could earn wider distribution.”

Lack of Support Resources:

Additionally, the premium wine company was challenged by a lack of available IT resources to aid in the setup, install and maintenance of a program to report weekly sales activity. They did not have the resources to create and maintain the elaborate reporting system required. The system had to be easy to implement, user-friendly, self maintained and reports needed to be automatically available on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

The Solution: DiAnalyst Automatically Delivers Weekly Reports of Store Sales Activity and Inventory Availability

Sales Data is Available to Enable Quick Decisions:

DiAnalyst provides automated, user-friendly Sales Activity Reports now. DiAnalyst is a hosted reporting solution which maintains a set of standard reports for product and inventory analysis. With DiAnalyst, DiCentral was able to quickly accommodate the supplier reporting demands.

The sales reps are now able to quickly identify where issues might exist with shelf distribution. The In-Stock Percentage report can be quickly filtered to identify specific items by store, specific items by area or any location to assess or identify the shelf distribution status. The wine company executive commented, “We started at the in stock percentage ratio of 74% in Jan 07. With the DiAnalyst tools we were able to expedite our performance to 90%. This got the attention of the retailer Target. They recently awarded my company with the Most Improved Distributor Award.”

Gain Credibility to Improve Relationships:

However, the executive's goal was to improve the buying relationship and participate in retailer programs that would increase their sales. He immediately pursued promotional opportunities with his Target buyer. The buyer responded with some possibilities but needed the assurance that it could be managed. The executive sold his case to the buyer by showing the DiAnalyst report on Weekly Sales and Inventory status. “We are not going to be flying blind on this. We can manage it,” the executive stated. “It was easy to prove our case when they could see a 30% improvement in the In-Stock percentage ratio and current weekly reports that display promotional and non-promotional inventory status.”

When Target decided to start the new promotional items they wanted suppliers who could implement quickly and effectively manage the product. The wine company executive used the DiAnalyst Inventory report to demonstrate their ability to monitor their products throughout their distribution channel. “We did this lightening fast and really impressed Target,” the executive commented.

IT Resources - Problem Solved:

Additionally, the wine distributor did not need additional IT resources to assist in the setup, installation and maintenance of weekly reporting. One individual provided the information needed for setup, and training was completed in 30 minutes. There were no additional resources required. The system is maintained by DiCentral. It is user-friendly and provides automatic alerts to changes in the bulk data. All reports are automatically available on a scheduled or on-demand basis. “I never have to search for the report or go to the internet to retrieve it. It automatically appears in my email account on a regular basis.”


The DiAnalyst delivers a robust, cost-effective reporting solution with the dynamic feature to quickly sort and filter sales and inventory data. The DiAnalyst hosted reporting solution was able to quickly identify where the premium wine distributor could maximize product sales. “Once we set up DiAnalyst it started delivering results - automatically.”

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