Home Goods Supplier Simplifies Supply Chain Processes with DiIntegrator

Company Profile:

The company represented in this study is a real company located in the United States. The home goods supplier was founded in 2005 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing unique space saving products for the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas of the home. The company's products can be found at many of the major retailers across the country. Their main offices are located in New York, NY, with DCs on the East and West coasts.

The Challenge:

With the addition of two major customers, Bed Bath & Beyond and Anna's Linens, the home goods supplier experienced a considerable growth in business. With that growth also came a huge increase in data flow. “Once we began supplying Bed Bath & Beyond and Anna's Linens, we saw an immediate need for a solution that could efficiently handle our day-to-day operations,” said the company's president and CEO.

Increased Business Complicates Data Processes:

Bed Bath & Beyond and Anna's Linens necessitate individual Purchase Orders (POs) and Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) for each of their store locations. The process this created for the home goods supplier was complicated, to say the least. The stores' locations number approximately 1000, totaling thousands of ASNs, POs, barcode labels, etc. In addition, the data had to be imported into the home goods supplier's Sage Peachtree accounting application and sent to the company's factor. With all of the added processes, the home goods supplier needed a solution to handle the load.

Increased Data Flow Creates Time Strain:

For each individual store location, a separate PO was sent to the home goods supplier from the retailer, which had to be processed one at a time. The time needed for the home goods supplier to complete this process-four minutes for each transaction set, multiplied by the total number of retailer locations-consumed vast amounts of time, cutting into profits and creating a bloated workload.

Third Party EDI Support Needed:

With their data flow and workload increased substantially, the company needed to dedicate time and effort to fulfilling orders. That meant that there was little time available to implement an EDI solution, and even less time to deal with the upkeep and maintenance. A top-notch customer support department would be necessary in order for the home goods supplier to be able to continue supplying quality home goods with speed and efficiency.

The Solution:

The company's president and CEO did his homework, researching a number of different EDI solutions before deciding on DiCentral's DiIntegrator: “With its dynamic shipment, order, and process management, as well as its capability to integrate with Sage Peachtree, DiIntegrator was the best choice for the company, hands down.”

DiIntegrator Simplifies Processes:

DiIntegrator, combined with DiWeb, DiCentral's hosted EDI translation and routing services, allows the company to process large groups of orders while providing tight integration with local backend applications, such as an accounting software package or ERP system. The home goods supplier was able to successfully simplify data transactions while integrating with their Sage Peachtree accounting application, and now has the benefit of processing EDI data locally while maintaining the advantages of complete visibility and redundancy offered through a web-hosted EDI solution.

Unique “Processing Agents” within DiIntegrator are designed to manage and manipulate large volumes of EDI data to facilitate order and fulfillment processes. This increased functionality allows users to manage much heavier loads of data, and comply with today's most challenging supply chain requirements. In addition, DiIntegrator helps suppliers reduce supply chain costs by applying unique business rules and policies to meet the specific requirements for each trading partner.

DiIntegrator Provides Valuable Time Savings:

After implementing DiIntegrator, the home goods supplier was able to greatly simplify their EDI processes, saving an impressive number of hours each week. Before DiIntegrator, each transaction would take 4 minutes to complete, multiplied by the total number of delivery locations (1000). That totaled approximately 67 hours! Needless to say, that scenario was simply impossible. With DiIntegrator, though, 67 hours was pared down to a mere 15 minutes-all the time it takes to process thousands of transactions. “DiIntegrator is setup in our headquarters in New York. Our 3PL, located on the west coast, can simply login and receive all the POs needed to create the ASNs. Back in New York, my team uses DiIntegrator to create the invoices and then imports them into Sage Peachtree, finally sending them both to the customer and to our factor. With DiIntegrator, the complete process takes minutes rather than hours, allowing us to get our supplies to our customers with speed and efficiency,” said the company's president and CEO. Mike Neadeau, vice president of sales at DiCentral, agrees: “DiIntegrator enables the home good supplier to successfully handle large volumes of transactions while saving time and money through shorter order-processing times and seamless integration with their accounting system.”

Customer Support Available Every St ep of the Way:

DiCentral simplifies the implementation of solutions like DiIntegrator by being available to customers throughout the entire process. From the point of purchase to when the solution is up and running, and even beyond, DiCentral is there to assist in any way possible. “During the implementation of DiIntegrator, we had to contact Chan Tran, DiCentral's QA Specialist, 25-30 times, and every conversation ended with a problem solved,” said the home goods supplier's president and CEO. “Ms. Tran was always patient with our questions and never failed to walk us through the process step-by-step.”

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DiCentral Solution:

DiIntegrator Pro Single User with Purchase Order, ASN, Invoice and UCC128 label capability Also available:

- 5,10, and 15 user pack

- Label Sort & Audit

- VICS Bill of Lading

- Factor Invoicing

- Custom Reports

- TMS 753/754

- Pallet ASN



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