Prominent Pharmaceutical Corporation Achieves SAP R/3 EDI Integration with DiCentral

DiCentral's SaaS EDI model enables SAP ERP (R/3) users to achieve fully automated EDI with their important trading partners at a lower total cost of ownership than ever before. The traditional large footprint of hardware and software that once went along with an SAP integration project is a thing of the past.

DiCentral can handle your integration project with our pool of experienced professionals. Utilize our experience for quick uptimes and fast project throughput.

Many companies prefer the DiCentral model due to its extreme cost-effectiveness and the fact that it requires that less human resources be deployed from your organization.

DiCentral's experience in SAP ERP integration is displayed in our recent collaboration with a large pharmaceutical company specializing in research and manufacturing of antibody products. For the purpose of confidentiality, the name used for the company in this study is Pharma X.

Pharma X selected DiCentral based on our history and knowledge of successful SAP integration projects. By utilizing DiCentral's flexible Internet-based EDI solution they were able to quickly and cost-effectively bring their largest EDI customers into production.

The Challenge:

Pharma X processed 844 Product Transfer Account Adjustments, 845 Price Authorization Status, 849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment, 850 Purchase Order, 820 Payment/Remittance Advice, and 810 Invoice manually from their largest customers, such as McKesson, AmeriSource Bergen, and Cardinal Health, and wanted to minimize the time consuming effort of this process. Pharma X needed a reliable SAP integration partner to automate the flow of data into and out of their SAP ERP system.

To overcome these hurdles Pharma X looked to DiCentral to bridge the gap between SAP and their important customers. DiCentral answered the call, by adding value beyond standard integration.

  • Email error notification
  • SAP Status Feedback Loop
  • Transaction audit capabilities
  • Complete data visibility
  • Project management
  • On-going maintenance
  • Long term data availability


The Result:

Because of their high volume of transactions they were able to shave off weeks per year of time-consuming data entry, error checking, and transaction validation. In addition, the value of outsourcing the EDI process has paid off by a rapid return on investment. The Accounts Receivable department operates much more efficiently, and has become more productive since the SAP integration automates the order entry process.

When large drug distributors asked for an electronic solution for handling vendor rebates, Pharma X chose DiCentral.

“We needed a vendor that could integrate its solution with SAP,” states the IT manager of applications and business user for Pharma X. “DiCentral had the tools, and the price was right.”

Pharma X discovers, develops, manufactures and markets products that power the immune system to fight serious medical needs. The company has a broad product portfolio and significant research capabilities focused on developing antibodybased therapies that prevent and treat infectious, autoimmune and addictive diseases.

“Rebates [844 EDI transactions] are critical to businesses like ours that use contract pricing,” says the business user. “Recently, we processed 14,000 rebates over a month. DiCentral allows our vendors to send their rebates electronically, and we can automatically post them to our SAP system, saving time and data re-keying. DiCentral helped us save manpower that we could use elsewhere.”

Pharma X began with eight different trading partners using the DiCentral service. The pharmaceutical company hopes to increase that number to 32.

“As we grow, we plan on investigating EDI to help reduce paperwork and improve efficiency,” says the business user. “More and more trading partners are demanding it.”

DiCentral Solutions:

  • DiCentral Implementation Services (mapping, Business Partner Management)
  • DiConnect AS2 Communications
  • Apply Custom Business Rules (i.e. Cross reference tables, business rule validation)
  • SAP IDOC Integration with SAP Status Feedback Loop
  • SAP Adaptors available (customize if required)
  • Status IDOC sent to client
  • Email status with details to client in event of compliance failure
  • Complete Audit Capability of EDI transactions
  • Global data visibility in web interface

DiCentral Benefits:

  • Rapid Implementation Services
  • Cost Effective EDI Program with Visibility and Control
  • Full EDI integration saves time and money on processes
  • No large software install
  • Experienced SAP Integration Team
  • Flexibility allows you to meet XML, EDI, Web, or AS2 Trading Partner needs
  • Reduce days sales outstanding
  • Receive the benefits of EDI Program without the typical large investment


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