Panamax automates EDI Processes with Dynamics GP and DiCentral

Panamax and Furman Sound have been international leaders in award-winning, innovative power management products for more than 30 years. Together as part of Panamax, Inc., these two brands address all major electronic markets including home theater, professional audio and music, broadcasting, audio/video recording, OEM, and office equipment. The company is based in Petaluma, California.

The Challenge:

The fact that time is money is not lost on Joshua Jones, MIS Manager at Panamax. After using “free” EDI portals offered by multiple big box retailers, he knew he could save his company hundreds of man hours and eliminate costly errors if he could automate EDI processes. Because they had elected to buy Dynamics GP, he wanted a solution from a Gold Certified Microsoft partner with a “plug and play” EDI solution and an excellent record of servicing its clients.

Using Retailer Portals Also Means Manual Data Entry: Admittedly, logging into “free” retailer owned portals looks enticing when a business has fewer orders with a big box retailer. After time spent logging in, navigating through, and pulling data out of multiple retailers' systems Joshua needed to make a change. He said, “Once we began direct to store orders, our accounting system needed each store order entered separately and it made sense from an ROI perspective to acquire an automated system”. In addition, he stated, “some portals would not move forward with the latest browsers like IE 7.0. This required multiple PCs dedicated to those older browsers.”

Data Entry Means More Errors: Making errors is one thing, but when they happen in the past and you have to research the cause and fix it, “that is where the real time and money is lost,” says Joshua. This also does not take into account the potential EDI related charge-backs which result from errors or that the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) period is increasing.

To Buy From a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner or Not: Joshua considered everything from total outsource of EDI to custom flat file integration. In the case of the total EDI outsource the software and precious data is sitting somewhere else. The part most people do not like is the loss of control in the total outsource model. The custom route had some positives in that it would be built specifically for Panamax. The downside is that when changes must be made, which happens often with EDI, you must go back and engage the consultant again. In the end a reliable and trusted Microsoft partner solution was the way to go.

Hello, Is Anyone There? Choosing a provider with an excellent record of customer service was very important to Joshua and Kathy Adlard, Sales Analyst at Panamax. Having experienced subpar customer service, they really searched for an EDI provider that could prove its record of customer service. They decided they must review multiple references before making their choice.

The Solution:

When asked what he thought he needed to change about how Panamax handled EDI, Joshua said, “Everything.” DiCentral was chosen because it is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner which provides a Microsoft Dynamics GP integration solution for EDI and XML translation, automates the total EDI process, and has a reputation of excellent customer service.

Reduction in Manual Tasks and Errors Equals Success: When a software tool reduces your time spent processing data by 50-70%, allows your team to accomplish more tasks related to strategic efforts, and minimizes the chance of error, a faster ROI is delivered.

DiIntegrator is used to automate the flow of Purchase Order data into Dynamics GP, create Advance Shipping Notices and UCC 128 bar code labels in a few clicks, and automate the flow of invoices from Dynamics GP to the retailer. It does all of this while synchronizing inventory levels for items that are shipped.

Benefits of Choosing a Microsoft Gold Certfied Partner: “Selecting a Microsoft Gold Certified partner was important to us,” said Joshua. “DiCentral's strong commitment to a Microsoft-friendly strategy was high on the list in our selection process.”

To ensure your technology investment can be positioned correctly within your enterprise DiCentral is committed to maintaining a strong Microsoft Partnership. By devoting extensive resources to software development, partner education, soliciting user input, and providing a solid implementation methodology DiCentral provides a compelling story that is viewed positively by management, partners, and users.

The result is a well designed solution that positively impacts your bottom line. Along with this comes savings in time, dramatic reduction in errors, elimination of redundant processes, the leveraging of current investment in Dynamics GP, and on-going product development which is what users of DiIntegrator have come to expect.

“DiCentral has grown organically from day one, so it has been ingrained in our employees that we must serve the customer in order to grow, and that attitude is in place today,” says Mike Neadeau, Vice President of Sales/Integrated Solutions.

Unique Software Plus Services Model Delivers More Value: “DiCentral is really a hybrid solution,” says Joshua. “We did look at fully outsourcing but we really liked the option of having the dual benefits of a Software Plus Services solution.”

DiCentral's solution architecture delivers a number of unique benefits. DiIntegrator's Software Plus Services model, which is touted by Microsoft, provides the benefits of a hybrid solution. The speed and accuracy of a localized solution comes with DiIntegrator while the trading partner maps are maintained in the cloud. Lower overall maintenance of the system is required by your team so you can devote time to higher level tasks.

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