International Design Source Streamlines Global EDI Processes with DiCentral's DiIntegrator

Company Overview:

International Design Source Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fashion handbags and accessories. Based in Hong Kong, this organization maintains factories in both the southern and mid regions of China as well as offices in Los Angeles and London. They are currently trading with Macys, Nordstrom, Bon Ton and numerous other retailers.

The Challenge:

International Design Source faced a requirement from one of its major U.S. trading partners to comply with EDI delivery of Purchase Orders, Advance Ship Notices, and Invoices. Specifically the trading partner requested the Advance Ship Notices and Invoices to be divided by Store level. “This process was difficult for our internal departments since we receive a large number of orders from this customer,” comments Dor Chan, Director of International Design Source.

Although International Design Source acquired some knowledge of EDI through the use of other EDI service providers, they faced a new challenge of effective collaboration among the internal departments located in China and Los Angeles for efficient handling of the EDI processes. The company needed an EDI solution that simplified the unique aspects of international EDI compliance, delivered cost savings, and provided solution support in both China and USA.

International EDI Compliance

Simplifying processes for a multi-location SMB is harder than its sounds, especially when those divisions are on different continents. Retailers send large orders to China-based manufacturers and expect perfect ASNs with matching carton labels to arrive back at their DCs or stores. Web EDI tools alone do not provide enough speed and accuracy for those building large ASNs with thousands of UCC128 labels.


Time Consuming Processes

Processing large amounts of purchase orders became time consuming and had a negative impact on data flow and the order cycle. The company's accounting team struggled with invoice processing. The traditional processing method was weighing down the ability to comply with the new trading partner requirements. In addition, the team responsible for shipment incurred the cumbersome task of manually processing short-shipped scenarios to match invoice amounts. It was clear that International Design Source needed a more effective process for EDI order fulfillment.

Customer Service Missed the Mark

Since there were many links in the chain, customer service and training were extremely important in order to provide a cohesive process. The customer needed a support system in both the US and China that provided business process expertise as it related to EDI requirements on the vendor side. Additionally, they needed support from an EDI provider that has tight relationships with the retail community in order to quickly navigate the EDI setup process with each retail customer. In short, the situation called for a well balanced customer support program.

The Solution:

International Design Source met their data process challenges by engaging DiCentral.

DiCentral's Software Plus Services Model Simplifies International EDI Compliance

DiCentral's localized software application, DiIntegrator, is a hybrid Software Plus Services EDI solution that enables International Design Source to process large amounts of orders swiftly while adhering to their trading partner requirements. Their process requires them to create ASNs, UCC128 carton labels and the invoices within DiIntegrator at the China location. However, the Los Angeles location can review and send the invoices that are submitted to DiCentral's web environment by setting them to draft mode. Invoices stop and can be viewed and sent from the web even though they were created in DiIntegrator and sent from the China location. This extra quality assurance step enabled by DiCentral's web based application allows the China and US offices to collaborate effectively.

“The speed and efficiency of DiIntegrator has significantly improved our day-to-day order processes,” comments Ms. Chan.

DiIntegrator Dramatically Reduces EDI Processing Time

DiIntegrator is used to automate the flow of transaction data, and create Advance Ship Notices and UCC 128 bar code labels in a few clicks. It does all of this while synchronizing inventory levels for items that are shipped.

The enhanced functionality of DiIntegrator enables International Design Source to synchronize shipment quantity with the Advance Ship Notice for accurate order delivery and invoice creation. This greatly reduces the manual short-shipped process and overall shipment workload. DiCentral's reporting capabilities can be leveraged for data verification to provide users additional peace of mind.

“DiIntegrator makes our work much easier,” comments Ms. Chan. “It saves a lot of time, effort, and resources when handling the POs we receive from the buyer.”

Benefit of In Country Customer Service

Customer support is a key component of the total solution package. International Design Source leverages the local support available at DiCentral's locations in China. With several operating facilities worldwide, DiCentral offers extensive service and technical support free of time constraints and language barriers.

“The establishment of a local presence provides our customers in China with a smooth EDI experience,” states Walter Lam, Senior Director of Business Development for DiCentral China. “Our multiple locations enhance our ability to offer the quality of support that is expected of our team.”

DiCentral's multi-tiered customer service structure is set up to service application users and to interface with the retail trading partners. The DiIntegrator team is equipped with the tools to service the most unique EDI data integration needs.

“DiCentral is happy to be a factor in the global collaboration of International Design Source and their trading partners,” comments Walter Lam. “By leveraging DiCentral, they have simplified their operational cycle and order fulfillment.”


  • DiIntegrator is equipped with natural workflow so that the user has built-in procedures to follow.” - DiIntegrator User

When used together DiIntegrator and DiWeb provide superior functionality and companywide visibility to enable global EDI collaboration for the overseas manufacturer.



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