Beauty Product Provider Realizes “No Impact” EDI Integration to Sage ERP X3 (Adonix) with DiCentral

Company Overview:

The company represented in this study is a real company located in the United States. It is a multi-line distributor of beauty products and a retailer with 140+ stores in the nation. For over 30 years, they have developed and produced beauty products in a small French town from which they have drawn the traditions and techniques as inspiration.

The Challenge:

The beauty product provider understood the importance of automation, but selecting the right partner was just as significant. It was also understood that they could not disrupt their supply chain so the partner would have to provide as close to a ‘No Impact' integration as possible. “Our warehouse order fulfillment process could not be interrupted,” said the beauty product provider's IT Director and solution user. In the end, even though they would elect to outsource EDI, they wanted to remain in control of their EDI trading relationships.

No Impact Sage X3 Integration:

The idea was to create a plan so that the warehouse, which uses the Sage X3's WMS module to build shipments, would not experience delays. Through the company's experience with the X3 Import/Export tools and DiCentral's EDI expertise, the two teams moved toward the goal of ‘No Impact' integration.

Remain In Control of EDI through Data Visibility:

Outsource the total EDI program, yet remain in control. At first this seemed like such a tough balance. In the case of the beauty product provider, and many retail suppliers like them, EDI typically covers a large portion of the business they do with their customer base. To outsource this important piece of their business to an outside company would surely mean losing a great amount of control, right? The search was on to find a solution that confidently stands with a foot firmly planted on either side of that proposition. Perhaps technology could bridge the gap and offer both benefits in one solution!

SaaS EDI Integration with Sage ERP X3 Means Savings:

When you look into your organization and see that you can accomplish so much more if you outsource those non-core tasks that would sap the energy and effectiveness of your most valuable people in IT, the decision is easier. The solution user, realizing this was the case at his company, stated, “We had a limited number of people in IT, and in order to get more done, outsourced EDI was the solution, however, we also needed technology that did not feel like we were giving up any control.” They looked for a solution that would provide the best of both worlds.

The Solution: DiCentral's SaaS Model:

Sometimes everything just falls into place. You choose the right partner for EDI integration and outsourcing. The partner is able to deliver. Such was the case for this beauty product provider.

Benefits of Choosing a Sage Silver Partner - No Impact Integration:

Securing a partner that provides a total solution for Purchase Order, Invoice, and ASN automation was important for the beauty product provider. “It also made a big difference to us that we select a partner of Sage,” said the solution user. In the end, DiCentral's knowledge as a Sage partner and the beauty product provider's expertise in Sage X3 ERP with WMS module enabled the integration and testing to take place without the warehouse team of users even realizing anything had changed. “It is rare when an integration project goes undetected by those most affected,” said Mike Neadeau, Vice President of Sales/Integrated Solutions at DiCentral. “It speaks volumes about what a complete solution Sage X3 and DiCentral represent.”

Why is DiCentral's SaaS Model Different? Data Visibility Puts Control In your Hands :

The DiWeb interface, which is deployed alongside the integration solution, allows maximum visibility of data. “We can easily see who sent out transactions, when, and tell which trading partner received our data, right down to the transaction control numbers and date and time stamp,” comments the solution user. “There is more transparency in the order process and we can track invoices and ASNs easily.” This high level of visibility is what sets DiCentral apart from the competitors in both localized EDI and SaaS EDI models.

In a localized application you may see some 997 transaction information from your translator or VAN service, but it is not comprehensive unless you pay a premium. In other SaaS EDI solutions you may see one or two word descriptions or have no visibility at all. DiCentral provides no less than 15 data points about your transaction activity under its standard pricing; the most comprehensive in the business. Because the inbound and outbound files exchanged with the ERP application are all reflected within the DiWeb interface, DiCentral customers have no doubt about the status of their transactions. Nothing is more helpful than being able to prove to an EDI trading partner that your data was sent because you can see it and know it is accurate. This keeps control firmly in your hands.

Another feature with DiCentral is the ability to search archived transaction data. Data is archived in the DiWeb interface for three years for greater visibility and accessibility. Users can also download data to Excel spreadsheets to work with the data. “DiCentral retains the data for us so we can work with it at our own pace,” said the solution user.

Outsourcing for Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

The Software as a Service (SaaS) EDI model delivers savings that localized solutions just cannot match. The savings add up when one considers that no software was purchased or maintained, less staff members are needed to manage the solution, data accessibility and archiving are easier, and customer service experts are on hand to answer questions and train staff. “DiCentral allowed us to stretch our IT dollar further than the localized EDI software model,” said the solution user.

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