Baker Maid Products simplifies EDI Processes with DiIntegrator from DiCentral

Baker Maid Products Inc. has been baking award-winning, innovative cakes, cookies and confections for over 40 years. Started as a family business in New Orleans, LA, the multi-line baked goods company serves its products through many high end department stores including Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Lord & Taylor.

The Challenge:

Utilizing multiple EDI systems from different providers was creating bottlenecks in Baker Maid's processes. They lacked consistent customer support and value-added knowledge by the outsourced provider. There was a desperate need to do things faster while simultaneously simplifying processes and eliminating errors. “We needed speed, simplicity, and customer support,” said Nancy Sorensen of Baker Maid Products.

Not All Outsourced EDI Providers are Created Equal

One of the previous EDI provider solutions was a classic service bureau model. The provider completed all the EDI processes for Baker Maid. The nightmare of all EDI nightmares hit when Macy's sent a large order. Nancy Sorensen, Controller for Baker Maid said, “It all started when our UCC128 labels arrived from the EDI provider and were incorrect. That would not have been so bad in retrospect, except that the provider immediately sent the ASNs and Invoices based on that data.” The result was, well, “Let's just say the retailer even felt bad for us,” said Nancy. Having more control over EDI processes was more important than ever, yet Nancy did not want the responsibility of building EDI maps and maintaining an EDI translator in-house.

The Need for Speed

Baker Maid utilized two EDI providers for its processes, but sometimes more is not better. “In our PC based software it took three minutes to build each ASN and about another twenty seconds to print each UCC128 barcode label,” said Nancy. “When you are doing this for 400 direct to store ASNs, it can be very tedious.” An EDI solution that provided speed and maintained accuracy was another aspect that was very important for Baker Maid.

Customer Service Wins Every Time!

Getting knowledgeable and attentive customer service representatives from EDI providers had been next to impossible up to this point. The EDI software provider did not seem to have the time to provide the high touch service Baker Maid needed.

The EDI service bureau did not have the knowledge to service their account correctly. The next EDI provider had to have the knowledge to service the account completely. Nancy says, “We wear many hats here and need all the time we can get.” Knowledgeable customer support is the great equalizer. It can help companies leap forward in terms of knowledge and compliance with retailer requirements.

The Solution:

When asked what she would like in an EDI provider Nancy said simplicity, speed, and customer support. DiCentral wraps that into a single offering.

Reduction in Manual Tasks Means Simplicity

When a software tool substantially reduces your time spent processing data, minimizes the chance of error, and allows the team to accomplish more strategic related tasks, the payoff is a rapid return on investment.

Today, Nancy uses DiIntegrator to quickly accomplish all tasks related to EDI such as Purchase Order review and reporting, creating Advance Shipping Notices and UCC 128 bar code labels in a few clicks, and easily creating hundreds of invoices for the retailer. Nancy does all of this while wearing many hats at Baker Maid. Nancy does not have to build EDI maps, and everything related to EDI is built into the flow of the software product.

“Our customers really love the fact that they do not have to build EDI maps or hire new EDI technical staff. They can simply plug and play EDI right into their business process with DiIntegrator,” says Mike Neadeau, Vice President of Sales at DiCentral.

(Speed + Accuracy) x Simplicity = DiIntegrator

Designed with the user in mind, the DiIntegrator interface leads the user through simplified processes faster than ever before. “All I do now is Click and Print in DiIntegrator; it is so simple,” says Nancy. Doing each store ASN by hand is a thing of the past for DiIntegrator. It has all the rules of each trading partner built in to simplify the user experience. Processes are built in so users can just click and move through a few short steps. Building thousands of labels for multiple stores in a couple of clicks is a reality.

DiCentral Customer Support Going the Extra Mile

“I am so pleased with the customer support at DiCentral”, says Nancy. “They have patiently shown me how to be a better supplier to my important EDI customers.” Mr. Dong Bui is one of DiCentral's top customer service representatives and Nancy fully endorses him as he is proving quite valuable to her business. “At DiCentral we are taught that our customers have spent a lot of time and effort building their companies,” says Dong Bui. “We treat that relationship with a lot of respect.”

DiCentral's customer service reputation is assisted by its technology. The SaaS model combined with DiIntegrator allows DiCentral to have a better customer-to-customer service personnel ratio. The economies of scale at work within DiCentral's network make servicing clients a simpler proposition than typical EDI technology.

To Find Out More...

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DiCentral Solution:

DiIntegrator Pro Single User with Purchase Order, ASN, Invoice and UCC128 label capability Also available:

- 5,10, and 15 user pack

- Label Sort & Audit

- VICS Bill of Lading

- Factor Invoicing

- Custom Reports

- TMS 753/754

- Pallet ASN



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