Corporate to Bank Integration

Automate bank reconciliation with all of your financial partners.


Connect your ecosystem of customers, suppliers and financial partners to improve financial visibility and cash receipts. Optimize cash disbursements while enhancing compliance and reducing risk. Automate the payment and receipt processes. Improve cash flow with automatic reconciliations by integrating banking data to your ERP with DiCentral's Corporate to Bank integration.

Improve Cash Flow and Cash Management

Increased Visibility & Controls

  • Improve cash visibility by integrating directly with all of your banks, such that your ERP has digital feeds daily without the need to wait for people to manually enter data and avoid the potential of manual errors.
  • Automate electronic invoice delivery directly to customers to accelerate cash flow, decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and eliminate the manual costs of processing and mailing invoices.
  • Centrally monitor and manage cash forecasts in your ERP/Treasury systems such that you can pool cash globally and avoid potentially expensive bank loans.
  • Integrate electronic payments directly from your ERP to maximize the retention of idle cash.

Connect Directly to Your Global Banking Relationships

Centralized & Integrated

  • Consolidate your treasury and cash management activity by electronically connecting your ERP to your geographically dispersed banking relationships, avoiding the expense of a decentralized cash management team and accelerating the visibility and actions of moving cash where needed.
  • Eliminate the need to log onto multiple bank portals, only to manually re-enter the information into your ERP system.
  • Avoid being dis-intermediated from your regional banks and avoid expensive fees that your "home" bank will seek to be the interface to your regional banks.

Eliminate Complex Banking Fee Structures

Simple & Cost-Effective

  • Reduce or eliminate financial services fees charged by banks for services that can be automated by electronically integrating information flows to and from your banks.
  • Avoid relying on a single bank as your primary portal to your remote banks, by directly integrating once to DiCentral and allowing DiCentral to connect to your foreign banks.

Improve Straight Through Process

Seamless & Uninterrupted

  • Integrate invoices directly into your ERP system, avoiding the manual expense and errors associated with data entry.
  • Provide suppliers with automated visibility into invoice approvals and payment dates, avoiding the need to staff an accounts payable call center.
  • Automate electronic payments, closing the cycle. Provide electronic integrated remittance information to the supplier avoiding the need to field additional calls when they do their reconciliation.
  • Optimize timing of electronic payment to maximize the retention of idle cash and improve working capital.

Integrated Receivables and Increased Collaboration

Acceleration Through Integration

  • Digitize and automate the sending of invoices directly to customer ERP systems, accelerating cash collection while avoiding the expense of manual activity.
  • Receive electronic payments and remittance data to facilitate faster and improved accounts receivable reconciliation.
  • Improve cash forecasting by receiving electronic cash payment commitments.

Reduce Operational Risk and Potential Fraud

Scalable & Secure

  • Integrate directly with your banks avoiding the manual cost and the potential for data entry errors when posting banking transactions into your ERP.
  • Speed cash forecasting by ensuring your ERP and Treasury system have daily automated feeds directly into your ERP/Treasury systems.
  • Improve reconciliation of AR and AP by integrating directly with customers and suppliers and facilitating 2- and 3-way matching.
  • Implement e-payments to reduce AP expenses and reduce the potential for check fraud.

Supported Banking Standards

  • ISO 20022 XML
  • Oracle
  • ANSI X12
  • Proprietary formats

Real-time Customizable Dashboard with Mobile Alerts

Filter Information by Specific Roles & Preferences

  • Track your incoming and outgoing documents with just a click
  • Get real-time notification alerts sent instantly to your tablet or smartphone
  • Filter real-time information based on specific roles and preferences
  • Filter by the trading partners you want to track and the data you want to see

Our Clients. Their Stories.

We wanted to offer our custom- ers a seamless shopping experi- ence, giving them easy access to all of our products in all of our divisions. To do this, we needed visibility across our silos of in- ventory. With a unified inventory system, we could not only im- prove our customer service and increase sales, we knew it would make a significant impact on the efficiency of our fulfillment process.

– Jill Barron, Vice President of
Supply Chain, Neiman Marcus Group