SLA & Professional Services

Proven professional services and enterprise-grade service level agreements


As part of DiCentral’s outsourced EDI solutions we provide leading Service Level Agreements and professional services led by a team of industry veterans, giving you the confidence to meet and exceed your business goals.

Global Cloud Platform

DiCentral’s cloud platform provides enterprise-level service availability and reliability with a foundation designed with the following characteristics:

  • High Availability

    Global enterprise-class SSAE 16 Type II certified infrastructure hosted in redundant and diverse data centers that were designed and deployed with carrier standards in order to provide the highest levels of stability and reliability. The cloud platform is designed with an “Active Active” architecture within the data center and is “Active Active” across data centers. All transactions are mirrored such that any potential disaster in a given data center will automatically transition to the alternative data center without interruption.

  • Industrial Security

    World-class policies and procedures are in place to ensure the highest possible level of environmental, network, systems, applications and data security, fulfilling the strictest security requirements of financial, healthcare and government institutions. Data is encrypted using the latest standards available.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    The DiCentral cloud platform uses a multi-tenant clustering architecture with no single point of failure. This enables all clients to run independently and avoid slowdowns in a process that might be caused by other users of the system and with a capability to scale to thousands of subscribers.

  • Accountability

    DiCentral provides transparent and accurate service performance and availability information.

IDEAL© Deployment Methodology

DiCentral’s IDEAL© Project Implementation guarantees to deliver your project on time throughout the process, from the initiation plan to the final launch.


  • Create the Project Initiation Docu-ment that defines project governance
  • Complete project schedule


  • Obtain supplier contact list
  • Develop customer acceptance plan
  • Agree to contents of notification letter


  • Build out test site
  • Perform trading partner notification
  • Complete supplier compatibility survey
  • Finalize rollout of wave trading partner lists


  • Demonstrate test site to customer
  • Execute customer acceptance test plan
  • Obtain go-live sign off approval


  • Contact trader partners
  • Assess test results
  • Provide compliance letters
  • Provide progress tracking to your company

Complete EDI Outsourcing Solution

DiCentral’s enterprise-class cloud EDI platform offers a cost-effective alternative to in-house solutions. It is defined by six key traits: availability, security, scalability, adaptability, accountability, and reliability.

In addition to Professional Services, DiCentral’s EDI Outsourcing solution includes:

Real-time Customizable Dashboard with Mobile Alerts


Einfach Infos nach Funktionen & Präferenzen filtern

  • Ein- und ausgehende Dokumente mit nur einem Klick nachverfolgen
  • Benachrichtigungen in Echtzeit sofort auf Ihr Tablet-PC oder Smartphone
  • Filtern von Echtzeitinformationen in Abhängigkeit von Aufgaben und Präferenzen
  • Filtern nach Handelspartnern und/oder Daten zur Nachverfolgung

Our Clients. Their Stories.

We wanted to offer our custom- ers a seamless shopping experi- ence, giving them easy access to all of our products in all of our divisions. To do this, we needed visibility across our silos of in- ventory. With a unified inventory system, we could not only im- prove our customer service and increase sales, we knew it would make a significant impact on the efficiency of our fulfillment process.

– Jill Barron, Vice President of
Supply Chain, Neiman Marcus Group