Just the Right Recipe - Baker Maid Has Eliminated Chargebacks and Streamlined Its Supply Chain Processes with DiCentral

Leading maker of delicious confections realizing significant ROI from experts in supply chain integration.

Houston, Texas – April 29, 2013 – DiCentral Inc., a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions and B2B integration, and Baker Maid, the maker of popular baked goods, today announced that Baker Maid has been experiencing a positive return on investment, an increase in customer satisfaction, and more streamlined processes since engaging DiCentral.

Supply chain challenges are driving leading companies to consider operational infrastructure needs from a holistic and global perspective. As a savvy and successful company with a long track record of happy customers, Baker Maid has been satisfied using DiCentral for many years as an integral part of the company’s operations.

“Working with DiCentral has improved our entire business because the solutions have simplified our overall process,” said Colin Manikin of Baker Maid. “As a company that services major retailers around the country, we need a single-instance, scalable supply chain integration solution specifically designed to meet our unique challenges. DiCentral has done this and more. The solution has enabled us to completely eliminate chargebacks and optimize our operation and better manage our retailers across our entire supply chain.”

“Baker Maid is the clear leader in the specialty baked delicacies industry," says DiCentral CEO Thuy Mai. “Their reputation for providing excellent customer service along with delicious cakes and pastries is well known. We are committed to helping them achieve their aggressive objectives related to process, productivity, and customer service levels.”

DiCentral’s pricing and scalability have remained important to Baker Maid because EDI providers and online catalogues are typically priced much higher than DiCentral and cannot handle changes in volume and speed.

Manikin continues, “DiCentral offers a very reasonable minimum monthly charge. It is appealing that we are only charged based on data transferred rather than a flat monthly service fee. And due to the seasonal nature of many of our products, data interchange can increase 20-fold in the final months of the year—and the solution scales with no issue!”

About DiCentral Corporation

Founded in 2000, today DiCentral is a leading global innovator in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software and service solutions. Our broad range of solutions enables a seamless exchange of data throughout the entire supply chain, creating a seamless communication stream from source to last mile. DiCentral's integration solutions are scalable to the size, growth, and unique requirements of each business. In addition, DiCentral develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications for retailers and suppliers, including MFT software, WMS software, POS analytic software, outlier management software, managed EDI services, and more. For more information, please visit www.dicentral.com or email


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