DiCentral for all your EDI to ERP service needs.

In 2000 we released a technically innovative outsourced B2B web EDI (electronic data interchange) solution that enabled buyers and suppliers to collaborate and exchange critical enterprise data inexpensively. This innovation transformed the EDI services world by providing easy and immediate electronic data interchange compliance for small, medium, and large supply chain suppliers.

EDI and ERP software solutions

DiCentral an EDI company, offers solutions for buyers and suppliers that enable a seamless exchange of data throughout the entire supply chain. Our solutions for buyers include: application integration; EDI compliance testing; vendor score-carding; and complete EDI outsourcing. Our services for suppliers include: cloud EDI; on-premise EDI; EDI to ERP integration; logistics management; and order, inventory, and warehouse management.

An industry leader

Today, DiCentral is among the fastest growing internet EDI integration company in its field. With a broad suite of outsourced edi mapping solutions enabling a seamless exchange of data throughout the entire supply chain, creating a seamless communication stream from source to last mile.




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